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Can Integrators Afford Not To Have a Strong Service Plan for National Customers?

Written 2015-03-04 by D Wolf

Over the past few years the visibility of the “Global Enterprise” has become more and more top of mind. Even small(ish) companies are quickly expanding to have national or global footprints because as technology continues to proliferate and allow us to connect more easily, our ability to serve people in broader locations follows suit.

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Design Disruption: Where Is Mobile In Our Train Of Thought?

Written 2015-01-07 by D Wolf

As another year draws to a close, it is timely to start to reflect upon the changes and innovations that have come over the past year. Not just in the work that we do, but in the “workplace” that we do it. Even just a few years ago the integration world we live in was so much different. Think about it. What has happened to the room based conferencing system? 5 years ago million dollar telepresence rooms were all the rage, and now no one is even talking about them. Similarly infrastructure to support video has come down in the range of 10-100x from where it was just a few years ago. Remember when a video bridge cost as much as a house?

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Customer Experience At The Heart of AV Project Management

Written 2014-12-02 by D Wolf

Look, I don’t think I have to tell anyone that is reading this article that project management in the AV space is hard. There is something about always being last on the jobsite with consultants, GC’s, architects and clients staring at you (usually with their arms crossed) as you are trying to button up their systems to make them work as promised all while meeting a deadline that wasn’t reasonable and became less reasonable as your work got pushed back so other trades could have the time they needed.

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Why AV Integrators Need Installation Standards

Written 2014-02-11 by D Wolf

Over the past decade as technology has continued to become more simplified, the role of the integrator has in many ways become more complex.

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The Value of Sourcing Through Distribution

Written 2013-12-18 by D Wolf

“I Love Logistics…” said no AV Integrator ever.

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AV Integrators: 5 Ways To Say Yes To More Business

Written 2013-11-12 by D Wolf

Perhaps the longest running challenge for businesses in the Audio Visual Integration business has been dealing with the cycles and seasonality that comes with this industry.

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