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Why Meaningful Change Is So Hard for AV Integrators

Written 2015-08-05 by Chris Bianchet

I can’t even begin to say how great this year’s Infocomm was. After a couple of decades in the AV industry, you would think attending the same show every year would wear on you, but it actually invigorates me. When I see so many friends, colleagues, and clients in one place I end up so excited and optimistic about the year ahead, and especially about the future of our industry.

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Time is Money - Or Is It? 5 Tips For Delivering AV Projects On Time

Written 2015-07-07 by Chris Bianchet

Perhaps no business phrase is better known than “Time is Money,” because no matter what business you’re in, it is relatable (and often, no matter what business you’re in, you don’t have enough of either!). “Time is Money” is definitely relatable in the fast-paced world of Audio Visual Integration. So much of our ability to make a profit comes down to our ability to get jobs done ON TIME, and on budget. Trust me when I say, this is no easy feat. How many of you have seen projects go way past deadline, over budget, and right into the land of sleepless nights and ulcers? I have, and this was a big reason I helped launch our company. We truly believed we could make the process better. However, it takes planning and an unwavering commitment to excellence to make the process better. Jobs don’t get done on time by accident. Often it is the combination of crafty design, thorough engineering, and a crack project management team that keeps a job on track, and on budget. Having said that, there are some common practices you can use to get a project off and running on the right foot. After more than two thousand projects completed, I wanted to pass along some of my favorite tips.

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Streamlining The Approach To AV System Engineering

Written 2015-06-04 by Chris Bianchet

We have entered a time where many of our daily tasks are done differently. From the time we get out of bed until the time we go to sleep, technology is an instrumental part of our lives. To put this in perspective, consider this fact—91 percent of people sleep within arms reach of their mobile device.

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4 Tips for Handling Proposal Overload

Written 2015-05-06 by Chris Bianchet

If you have been in the AV Integration business for a while then you undoubtedly have experienced its cyclical nature. We all cycle through those times when it feels as though business is at a standstill, but we recognize that those doldrums can shift to tidal waves in no time at all.

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Should Sales Pros Be Quoting Solutions?

Written 2014-05-20 by Chris Bianchet

One thing is for sure in the age of the Internet: People want things fast.

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5 Tips For Great AV Project Handoffs

Written 2014-04-01 by Chris Bianchet

Nothing feels better for an integrator than coming to the end of a big project. After hours of scope work, planning, preparation and unforeseen changes, there is a sense of relief in the air when the last rack screw is set in place or the final piece of code is tweaked.

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When Sales Account Managers Go Missing

Written 2014-03-13 by Chris Bianchet

If you want to get a quick response from your account manager, then we all know what we have to do:

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3 (More) Things You Should Be Doing At InfoComm

Written 2014-02-10 by Chris Bianchet

It is InfoComm time again. That wonderful part of the year where those of us that have been in and around the AV industry for the better part of the past 2 decades pack our bags and head to Vegas (or Orlando) for the one annual must attend show.

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4 Items The General Contractor Must Do Before an AV Contractor Goes Onsite

Written 2014-01-08 by Chris Bianchet

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating for a systems integrator than the following scenario: Weeks ahead of a project you are looking at your resource pool, determining which install crew should go to which jobsite only to have it completely implode when your team shows up onsite and the General Contractor (GC) isn’t where he committed that he would be. Now you are stuck in the precarious position of either working on what you can (which is sometimes very little) or sending your crew back to the shop to sit and wait for the site to be ready. This type of scenario is a total nightmare, especially if you have variable cost installation staff, because you are paying them whether or not the site is ready. Of course in a perfect world, a project manager would be able to go to the jobsite ahead of time and make sure that the site is ready. However, anyone that has been in the business for a while knows how this goes. You head to the jobsite on the Friday before you're supposed to be there and it is obvious some things aren’t done. You seek out the GC and he acknowledges the issues and says… “Don’t worry, it will be ready when you get here on Monday.” Do I need to explain what happens next that has happened to all of us one too many times? You show up when you are supposed to, however the job is not where you were told. While this problem may never be completely fixable, there are some things that AV Integrators can do to make sure these interruptions happen less often. When working with GC’s, we recommend you demand (to the best of your ability) these 4 things be complete before setting foot onto the jobsite.

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AV Integrators: Successfully Outsource Quick Turn Projects

Written 2013-11-20 by Chris Bianchet

One of our favorite expressions throughout the halls of Herman Pro and Herman-IS is "We strive to help our integrator partners say yes to more business."

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