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Time is Money - Or Is It? 5 Tips For Delivering AV Projects On Time

Written 2015-07-07 by Chris Bianchet

Perhaps no business phrase is better known than “Time is Money,” because no matter what business you’re in, it is relatable (and often, no matter what business you’re in, you don’t have enough of either!). “Time is Money” is definitely relatable in the fast-paced world of Audio Visual Integration. So much of our ability to make a profit comes down to our ability to get jobs done ON TIME, and on budget. Trust me when I say, this is no easy feat. How many of you have seen projects go way past deadline, over budget, and right into the land of sleepless nights and ulcers? I have, and this was a big reason I helped launch our company. We truly believed we could make the process better. However, it takes planning and an unwavering commitment to excellence to make the process better. Jobs don’t get done on time by accident. Often it is the combination of crafty design, thorough engineering, and a crack project management team that keeps a job on track, and on budget. Having said that, there are some common practices you can use to get a project off and running on the right foot. After more than two thousand projects completed, I wanted to pass along some of my favorite tips.

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